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We are trusty in the commitment and control of your business, the guarantee in the administration and protection of your interests, the strength in the investment proposals, and the accuracy in the selection of new and exciting experiences that will make you experience beauty, the wealth and the innumerable opportunities of our territory.

The Mandato Consulting team is always close to you and supports you to satisfy your every need, constantly supporting you with the utmost professionalism and comfort.

Furthermore our team is constantly working to offer you new experiences for your trip to Italy, which, in our opinion, has to be unusual and exciting because it make you live unique experiences, make you discover our land by introducing the other Italy, the one that you haven’t tried out yet and you hope to be able to live with that passion of the authentic made in Italy.

We can trace together the path of roots and memory, thus reliving the ancient traditions of our land, telling you, at the same time, the story of an Italy that smiles, creates, proposes and realizes new stories.

Trust us and take a look at our proposals because you will certainly find what you are looking for. At the same time you can also enrich your experience by asking what do you want to do more in Italy and we will fulfill your wishes.

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