Trekking experiential and emotional naturalistic tourism

Trekking is the best way to dedicate yourself, to discover the places chosen for your holiday. The trekker is above all a guest of nature and trekking is the best way to relate to nature and regain free time.

If then the naturalistic walk is done in a territory that is a real corner of paradise where you can admire breathtaking landscapes and corners of nature to discover and explore, accompanied, guided and assisted by experienced and smiling staff, everything becomes even more wonderful .

We offer you the most sensational trekking routes of our magnificent territory, which combine myth and history, legend and reality, nature and man. From the spectacular Amalfi coast with its breathtaking views, to the alleys, small squares, villages, Capri and Sorrento.

The Mandato Consulting, with the trekking itineraries designed and organized just for you, that will make you discover landscapes of indescribable beauty where we will stop to make you enjoy the breathtaking view, immersed in nature, tasting the excellent local products, proposing another Coast, the “Coastal trekking” which must be discovered in its rare beauties and lived calmly, because it is a small world, not immediately visible, made of paths, villages, spectacular cliffs on the crystalline sea, small hidden beaches, places of worship and traditions that put us in contact with the origins and the soul of this invaluable territory.

You will appreciate our proposals for trekking with the sea as an inseparable traveling companion.