The ancient villages

Do you want to experience antiquity immersed in places steeped in history?

The Mandato Consulting has therefore thought of you, to make you live your holiday like a unique experience, in ancient villages full of history, culture and ancient traditions, in the presence of an uncontaminated and above all amazing nature.

Therefore, we offer you the opportunity to stay in fascinating structures of excellence in our territory, such as the perfectly restored ancient stone houses, where you will experience the charm of the antiquity of the ancient village, without having to give up the services and comfort you need.

The structures of the ancient village, carefully selected by us of excellent standard, like the widespread hotels, are addressed, on the other hand, to all those who want to stay in a prestigious house living in close contact with the people of the ancient villages who, if you will want and at our request and assistance, will tell you past stories, teach you local dialect expressions, invite you to lunch and, of course, toast with the wine of the farmer who, wisely, is kept in the cellars of the house.

You will be able to live the life of the ancient village, of local specialties such as, for example, ancient crafts, traditional cooking lessons, festivals and street parties with sounds, songs, folk dances and, above all, excellent local food.

Once in place you can experience different emotions: walking through the streets of the village clinging to the rocks, trekking  in the mountains or in the nearby woods. In a nutshell, the ideal to spend an unforgettable holiday.