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“The journey never ends. Only travelers can last in memory, in memory, in the narration … When the traveler says there is more to see, he know that is not true. The end of a trip is just the beginning of another journey. You have to see what is not seen, see again what we have already seen, to see in the spring that he had seen in the summer, to see the day that we saw at night, with the sun where the first time it rained, see the green harvest, the ripe fruit, the stone that has changed places, the shadow that was not there. It must retrace steps already taken, to repeat them and to draw alongside new ways … We must start the journey. Always!”

Jose Saramago

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The ancient villages

The village is a small inhabited center born around a castle or a Church. Historic, medieval, seaside villages and many others among the most beautiful in Italy.

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Food and Wine Itineraries

A journey through the flavors of our land.

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Our trekking routes

Walk in contact with nature discovering new sensations.

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Fairy-tale wedding

Your most important day looked after in detail with our selection of incredible locations.

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Real Estate

Choose or request the real estate that’s right for you

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Journey through history

A real journey through time to immerse yourself in the history of our civilization from which art and Ancient Traditions derive.

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Therefore, the trip is emotion, joy, curiosity. But above all, meeting with histories, cultures, traditions and other ways of understanding and living life. And so that everything magically becomes a continuous self-discovery. Through travel we try to learn, we train in comparison wishing to recreate situations that can make us relive stories and stories of our origins. This is the journey to the roots, it is the direct link that connects us to our past is Italian identity!


That’s amore

Traveling to learn about the origins of his family, especially driven by a sense of curiosity mixed with nostalgia and sense of belonging. That is to say that the desire to return to the places of his childhood, to visit those steeped territories of family memory is a form of  experiential tourism that allows you to immerse yourself in those places that are not only a holiday, but they are mostly a mix of emotions and feelings related to the past and therefore invaluable. So driven by the stories of grandparents undertakes the journey to the curiosity aroused by the narratives and a strong desire to meet its origins.

So a  common sense of belonging , aimed at the  enhancement of the historical memory of the places . With our proposed land discovery we go over with you the past and your story to accompany you and guide you in the knowledge of places and people, listen to stories, first of all, they give you identification and emotional participation of the journey that you are living.