Food and Wine Itineraries

Food and wine is a journey to discover the “emotions of the table” in a land where the visitor can equally experience the local culture through the specialties of the food and, in this way, can acquire the sense of that place. The close link between food and wine, culture and tourism allows the traveler to get in touch with the culture of the place he is visiting but in a more active and engaging way thanks to another “sense”: good food.

Food and wine is a sensory experience that we will live together because we will go to the best wineries, taverns, trattorias and farmhouses in our area, exploring ancient tastes between history and modern charm. If the Mediterranean diet was born in Cilento, in Campania, there will be a reason. In fact, the Cilento National Park is a natural reserve declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site as a protection of biodiversity. Traveling through the area, one cannot fail to be fascinated by its many and colorful aspects, first of all the cuisine that boasts one of the oldest traditions in the world. Campania is a land of unique products and many fine qualities of wine where you can spend magnificent days among food and wine tours where the beauty of the landscape can be combined with the delights of the palate. In our land, wine has an ancient and glorious tradition that has been maintained over time where each territory has a specific oenological characterization in which stand out types of wine of absolute value and widely recognized in Italy and abroad. In addition to the famous products and typical dishes such as pizza and delicious buffalo mozzarella, there are also many other homemade dishes, sometimes unavailable in tourist restaurants but absolutely to try in the inns, with a typically regional menu. Food and wine, the true face of our land, wonderful realities to be proud of, small unspoiled natural villages, local specialties. Our region is not only made up of visits and excursions, but above all healthy food and excellence.