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A traveler wants to live a unique, different, unrepeatable experience, never lived before. In fact, in recent times, the desire to expand one’s knowledge, to deepen the culture and tradition of the place and to immerse oneself in local life and daily habits has grown considerably.

Today we no longer appreciate only the photos taken in the place of our trip or those taken to admire the beauty of a location, but we want to go home with a unique memory, with an activity or an experience that  experienced us and totally lived the authenticity of the territory and the historical traditions of the chosen place, in a simple and natural way.

Italy has always been appreciated for its art, history and landscapes, for its culinary tradition and local handcraft. Those who visit the Bel Paese love our cultural, food and wine tours, cooking lessons or outdoor sports activities.

Environment, culture, art, traditions and other countless activities. We will go to those places where you can directly taste the typical products of our land, cared for by selected farmers and you will, of course, taste excellent meals of the authentic Mediterranean diet, which originates in our amazing territory. And you will attend the countless workshops such as those on crafts, crochet, ceramic and ancient crafts. In addition, Italian history and culture classes, cooking and pizza classes in ancient villages, learning the dialect of the roots with the locals. And there will be popular festivals, folklore, historical re-enactments in ancient houses, shows, events, birthdays, anniversaries, wedding promises, ceremonies, and much more to help you discover the other excellences of the Bel Paese.

Are you sure you have discovered every corner of Paradise?

Mandato Consulting has for you a carefully selected choice of incredible itineraries and fascinating realities, all with excellent services that accompany our offers of sustainable and experiential tourism.

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