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Bello is the most suitable adjective to describe Italy and beauty, for us Italians, means knowing, communicating, making the meaning of life light and fascinating. However, beauty is also a project, a vision or an expression of high quality. It is from this concept of Mediterranean beauty and excellence that our history was born.

We have created your Italian one-stop shop which you can contact for any request because we offer constant assistance and support.

Our services are new, fast and efficient to work side by side with you and offer you the height of excellence with all the comfort you need. Our activities are based on client focus because we take care of you, your assets, your interests and your business.

At the same time we present you to the land of smiles, traditions, folklore, genuineness in a unique and special way! With us you will set off to discover another beauty of Italy, another wonderful way of experiencing the part of the country that you do not yet know or that you have not yet experienced as it deserves. Rooted in our territory we will guide you to live wonderful experiences, like you’ve never done before!

We put passion into everything we do because we love celebrating Italy that keeps the secrets of our roots, our culture and history that gave rise to ancient traditions, often crossing oceans and accompanying entire families and generations as they wander around the world, through the decades.

We celebrate the places of the earth that it tells, those places born of a seductive and ancient intertwining of cultures, colours and flavours. Italy with its immense heritage and its enormous potential. The Mandato Consulting is for you the bridge that shortens distances, that reaches you wherever you are, that unites Italy with the rest of the world and that will make you live exciting and unforgettable moments to discover breath-taking places and landscapes!

We do it wonderfully well because we are always attentive to your needs to embrace your dreams, fulfill your desires, offer you wonderful opportunities and strong emotions!

The Mandato Consulting team offers added value: cordiality, efficiency and dynamism to welcome you and offer you countless services, making your stay unique and exclusive.

We will do our best to meet your needs. For this reason, personalized assistance, exclusive offers, luxury services, food and wine and folklore itineraries are just some of the excellences that distinguish us. To offer you the best, our experts will answer any questions and will be happy to satisfy your requests including real estate, legal, tax, banking, administrative and health assistance.

Join us and be part of our legacy!


It's our secret ingredient! We believe that transparency is fundamental for business stability, whatever it is.


It's our trump card! Everything made with us is real, it's original, it's genuine! In short, it is authentically Italian...


We celebrate the beauty of Italy and reveal its hidden qualities with elegance, creativity and innovation. Products, services, people to offer the top of Italian excellence...

Amalfi Coast: a slice of paradise