Italy is in top 10 luxurious wellness destinations after Maldive and Muritius Islands

According to some tour operator, tourists’ interest for Italy is increasing, above all when it comes to talk about South Italy!

It goes on without saying that in “What’s trending in 2020” positions there can be found places like Maldive Isleand, immediately followed by Mauritious Isleand.

Thailand remains on the podium in the third position thanks to its exclusive resorts; the most attractive areas seems to be Khao Lak and Koh Phangan, with their new hotels located in unspoilt places.

Italy is moving on the top of the list, becoming part of the top 10 in sixth position, due to the growing number of tourists visiting the region. Southern Italy is surprisingly growing in terms of tourism and travel destinations: in fact, southern regions are overcaming Tuscany. The charm of Campania, Puglia, Calabria seem to have enchanted tourists who are more and more appreciating the beauties that our South offers.

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