Trails and paths of borghi Vietresi

Bonea river separates Mount Lattari and the Amalfi Coast from Valle Metelliana (Metelliana Valley) and Colline Salernitane (Salerno Hills).

Vietri sul Mare is a sort of a gateway on a 40km Heaven.

Going up Gradoni della Marina there are many villages with a beautiful view of Salerno Gulf.

Then,  you go through the magical bourghs of Raito and Albori.


  • Marina di Vietri
  • Suriano Palace
  • Raito
  • Albori
  • Iaconti
  • Dragonea
  • Vigne di Raito
  • Marina di Vietri

Total lenght: 10km; difference in altitude of 430m.


Hiking Guide; wine tasting and typical products.


Layered clothing for uphills and changes in temperatures; backpack with water, snack and anything considered helpful for a walk up hill.

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