Italy is expecting to get 46 billion from tourism

During the meeting that took place in Milan at Linate Airport, it tourned out that tourism industry is showing a positive outcome. In fact, the tourism sector closed 2019 with a +6% in spending growth and a growth in tourists presence of +3.5%. In 2018, tourists spent around 42 billion Euro in Italy, while in 2019 it reached 46 billion Euro and in 2020 the growth should reach 50 billion Euro. One thing is sure: tavelers love Italy, especially those coming from USA, China and Russia. Moreover, the tourists arrivals will grow up to +3% in 2020. Our country must invest more to improve the access to international destination through the creaation of fast connections to the major cities, as it already happens in EU.

Efficient access doors are need, alongside with infrastructure systems – asserted Battisti – and local accessibility for tourist flows in order to promote art cities and small villages through modal integration and digital innovation. This project will come to life only if all the institution that operate in tourism will cooperate together.

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