Carnival 2020 in Naples: the Gran Ball has arrived!

A journey through time that includes dinner, music, historical clothing and international performers.

The IV edition of the “Neapolitan 18th-century Carnival”, a dressed up Gran Ball to immerse yourself in a magical atmosphere.

The 1700 was, in fact, the centrury of salons and Carnival was considered as one of the most important fests among Neapolitan aristocracy. People coming from every corner of the South used to meet in Naples: the city became a blaze of colours and music, and the alleys hosted foreigners, artists, masquerade balls and women in splendid garments.

This year’s theme is “Plumed 700”, and Theather Posillipo has been reconfermed the location to host the event after last year’s success. The location will be completely renovated in order to recreate the atmosphere of the period, live shows and digital installations that will lead the guests through a full 1700 journey.

The IV edition of “Neapolitan 18th-century Carnival” will take place on February 22nd and will be organised in two blocks: the 18th-century dinner that will start at 7pm, and the Gran Ball that will start at 11pm.

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