World’s biggest “pastiera”: it’s in Naples and it’s 2-metres large

From an idea of Gran Caffè Gambrinus, a maxi-pastiera, with a diameter of 2.10mts, will be exposed in Naples. What was needed to bake it: 60kg of ricotta, 60kg of sugar, 60kg of grain and 600eggs. You can free from April: just go to the historical bar located in Piazza Trieste e Trento.

A giant Neapolitan “pastiera” has been made for Easter at Gran Caggè Gambrinus in Naples, which decided to organize this event “ad hoc” so as everybody could have a small taste of the most famous traditional Easter dessert: 2.10 large, it will be possible to taste it for free, just as a sort of apetizer.

Here’s a list of the ingredients. You will need to buy an entire minimarket: 60kg of fresh ricotta, 60kg of sugar, 60kg of grain, 600 eggs (36kg), 25kg of orange essence, 40kg of short pastry and finally 25lt of milk.

Four people to make it, four hours to bake it. Giving the chance to make locals and tourist taste it was a dream come true.

“A straight answer against any type of omologation and globalization”, asserted Francesco Emilio Borrelli, “which are slowly depriving Italy of its beautiful richness, tradition and enogastronomy culture and which are unique in this World”. In fact, “pastiera” is the most famous traditional Easter dessert to be known and appreciated, from North to South, for its taste and for being perfect for every occasion!

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