Scent of Bread

From the field to the oven: Cilento bread

Cilento bread is produced from the harvest and the techniques of using ancient grain flours to make sourdough.

The day begins with a visit to an ancient and pretty village in the Cilento, perched on a hill where you can admire a breathtaking panorama. After a characteristic walk we will go to an ancient bakery laboratory where we will observe the techniques of using ancient grain flours to prepare dough with sourdough, thanks to ancient leavening methods. We will assist in the baking of traditional bread which will be served during the typical convivial lunch where the traditional dishes of the peasant will also be served.

To continue the day dedicated to the peasant wheat specialties, we will participate in the pastry laboratory where traditional sweets will be prepared with ancient grain flours.

We will end the day with a rustic dinner based on bread, pizza and typical local products, all rigorously prepared by hand to honor the products of the earth, exactly as our ancestors did.

Ciao and see you soon!

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