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Mandato Consulting represents a wide range of individual and corporate clients.
We are dedicated to building long-term relationships within the community and with our clients.
We offer concierge legal services for several levels of engagement to meet the needs and demands of our clients, providing critical guidance on business, personal, financial, and legal decisions.
Our trusted lawyers stand "on‑call" to support the client’s needs and provide enhanced representation and counseling to the customer. Here are some of the services we provide:

  • Legal Services
  • Contract and Corporate Law
  • Italian Tax Law
  • Italian Civil Litigation
  • Wills and Estates


  • Managing services
  • Contracts, Negotiations, Transactions
  • M&A Support, Financing
  • Registration of Trademark
  • VAT Services


  • Bank account services
  • Corporate and personal accounts
  • International SWIFT transfers
  • Follow-up of day to day bank account transactions
  • Arranging loan and credit facilities


  • Corporate
  • Preparation, filing, and payment of government fees
  • Notarization of corporate documents
  • Completion of share transfers or changes in directors and revising/updating of company's Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Organizing of financial statements for audit
  • Preparation and filing of tax return


  • Administrative functions on behalf of the client:
  • Mail handling and mail forwarding
  • Making and replying to phone calls & replying to emails
  • Paying invoices
  • Reviewing and preparation of legal documents, authorizations and certificates
  • Preparation and filing of tax return



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