Health 2

Our world-class health plans are flexible, responsive, and built around your needs, allowing you to fully relax during your stay in Italy!
Mandato Consulting provides fast, tailored, medical services and direct access in person or virtually with our medical partners.
Our doctors are primary care physicians and specialists, they administer lab tests and conduct medical check-ups, provide diagnostic screenings and minor urgent care services for skin conditions or dental, and are able to carry out many specialized treatments or medical procedures.

Health plans services can include
Medical Check-up
Lab work
Preventive screenings
Specialized medical examinations

Specialist Medical fields
General surgery
Gynecology and obstetrics
Internal Medicine

We also offer consultation services in case of an accidental injury.
A qualified team of lawyers and technicians will liaise with our medical partners to take care of every aspect of the injury, from legal to health.
Filing papers, dealing with compensation for damages, specialized check-ups, we will organize all the required documents to ensure your wellbeing and interest are taken care of.